Dead End Road

Romans 3:23

 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,”

Humanity is headed in the wrong direction with no signs of turning back. We are so sinful and worse even than that is that we’re not repenting. Having God as our savior is the ONLY way into heaven. We can not get in through our own good deeds. However, don’t misinterpret what I am saying. Sinning without repentance will draw us away from God! Our relationship with God is the most important relationship we will have in our lives. The risk is TOO great to not believe. The lake of fire is eternity. An eternity of hell compared to an eternity by our maker’s side in heaven. What do you have to lose by believing? There is so much more to lose by NOT believing. By not giving your soul to the Lord, our Father! The time is NOW to pray and repent for our sins.

Humanity is going in the WRONG direction with deaf ears and blind eyes. Turning away and forsaking our Lord. We’re killing each other, judging each other, ridiculing each other, hating each other and ruining each other. And for what? We want peace and the end of war but how can we expect to have peace when we rage war on each other? When we can’t have peace with our neighbors, how can we expect peace internationally? It won’t be long before we go so far down this road that there is no return. There is only so much we can expect to be fixed before it is irreparable. We place too much on ourselves, we place too much expectation on what we can fix and what we can do, we don’t stop to realize how much we can do through God and his son.


Looking for Job

I am a disabled man looking for a job, I have a ticket to work from Social Security. My wife is now also disabled and can’t work and I have a daughter who is in college and working a part time job. I have over 20 years driving experience and a clean driving record. I don’t have a CDL but I would prefer a driving job. I have light plumbing and light carpentry work. For more information or for a job offer please call 570-967-2209. 

Why so blind?

WE sit around and watch greed take us down and slow us down because we would be so much further then we are if we all worked together and money wasn’t putting a cap on everything, because the president said a change needs to come from the outside. I think the change needs to be the transfer of wealth onto a card/file not like a credit card. Nobody can take your money away. We would have more jobs, an unbeatable work force, and hopefully filter out to the rest of the world to work together to get through the catastrophes that we all know are coming. Instead of us following each other like a bunch of slaves. The system that we live by, keeps track of us from when we’re born and with the technology we have we could have our medical, schooling, your interests/direction in life, and your progress and that would cover and keep track of everything, it wouldn’t be a paper dollar that someone could take away from you.

Some say that would be communist, but with the idea that I have, everybody would still have their individuality, your direction on life. Our progress would skyrocket and we would be a lot closer to the knowledge and level of progress to deal with what’s coming, whatever it might be.

We would have no poor people and we wouldn’t have poverty. If we work together our progress can only get greater. Fulfill the dreams who can’t go to school/college because they can’t afford it. No child would go hungry and the rich would still be “rich” Each person will decided their level of wealth by how much they follow their dreams and do something in the progressive direction of “LIFE”.Image

Still don’t know how or why.

Things I experienced when I had passed away for two minutes that hadn’t happened in my life yet and I watched these things unfold but you really can’t put a time on it when you’ve seen what I saw. When is that, now I sit around and I worry about things I saw and I watch society collapse from greed and our knowledge is not far enough to deal with what’s coming, who knows when, but money and greed has a cap on our knowledge and our ability to make things to deal with anything. When people take and take and just want more and say that’s not enough and want more so you can’t move forward and when we’re herded around by race, religion, and wealth. Then people are buying for millions of dollars tickets to go on a ship that’s going to leave this planet and we are just held back from having a better, longer, successful life as a human race.

Angels Are All Around

Angels Are All Around